The Value of Applicant Tracking

Over the last few years the employment market has changed drastically and whilst there are many resulting problems, the situation has left many people rapidly creating new solutions. It’s like a natural evolutionary process, but sped up ten-fold due to the seemingly ever increasing speed of the market’s development. One emerging piece of technology that we believe holds considerable long term value is the increasingly affordable and highly customisable range of recruitment management software finding its way into the general marketplace. Several years ago it may well have stood that such applications were reserved for recruiters with large workforces and even larger budgets. However the shift in suppliers’ focus towards affordable solutions has begun to spill into the realm of management software.

With evidence from the early innovators purchasing the tools, it has now become an easier task demonstrating the value in these systems through case studies with largely positive results. More importantly the new breed of systems aren’t just reserved for the big spenders. Customisable, modular and flexible; the packages on the market mean that whilst it is unlikely to be a worthwhile investment for a very small business, any organisation with a staff turnover that warrants regular recruitment should take a bit of time to consider the potential value of these systems.

With proven reduction in time to hire, expenditure, and increased access to talent pools developed from previous campaigns and recruitment drives, the appeal of having a system that grows with every piece of recruitment activity is self-explanatory. This is especially good news for anyone interested in using data to improve their processes and performance.

The point is that waste can be rife in recruitment a lot of the time, so having a strategy and up to date tools to get the most from every one of your campaigns will put you ahead of the masses. Rather than filing a CV in a cabinet in an unsearchable and unmemorable format, an effective database leaves you with a great internal resource. Whilst the extra storage needed might annoy your IT department slightly, it’s a safe bet that the any hiring manager would be delighted if you can immediately produce great candidates that have be neatly organised and kept on file.

With the right level of investment and attention, a good applicant tracking system might just be one of the best recruitment tools on the market for the regular recruiter.

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