Mobile Recruitment Marketing. Moving people who are on the move.

A lot of recruiters might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to mobilise a campaign (pun intended) within the rapidly growing smartphone user market.

As with most emerging technology, mobile marketing found its place whilst being utilised as part of commercial communications, giving advertisers the opportunity to contact their audience in almost any location. True to the historic trend, recruitment soon followed and employer campaigns began incorporating SMS response channels, QR codes & Tags and dedicated mobile compatible recruitment sites which could be linked to by taking a photograph of a print advert. In the early application of Bluetooth “proximity” Marketing, consumers were amazed when they received special offers as they walked past a shop window or restaurant. In the current marketplace we can choose from literally thousands of customised applications.

All very cutting edge in theory. But straightforward in practice (assuming you aren’t planning on hand-coding your own app).

The more complex and innovative our communication channels become, the more suppliers there are investing in making them accessible and practical for the commercial market. That’s why it only takes a minute to create a QR code and why there are web developers who build second versions of websites which are compatible with smartphones as standard. In essence there’s very little reason why recruiters shouldn’t embrace mobile technology, given the relatively low cost and amount of effort required, particularly if you’ve got an agency assisting in planning and executing campaigns for you. As always, there are those who will be ahead of the curve, taking the biggest risks and possibly reaping the greatest rewards for their bravery. Trends suggest however that the uptake for new technologies is constantly speeding up, so the reality is it may not be long before mobile plays a major part in recruitment marketing for employers of all sorts. After all, it’s widely predicted that the majority of internet usage will eventually shift to mobile devices rather than desktop machines.

If all of this high speed change strikes you as somewhat concerning, it shouldn’t worry you too much because the same age-old rules will apply. As with all channels, what you really need are some clear objectives as to what you want to get out of a campaign coupled ideally with a budget and your agency should give you an honest answer in terms of which paths you can go down along with enough guidance for you to understand the implications and requirements. With a clear strategy in place and the right technical partners to take care of the tough stuff, it will suddenly all seem as simple as booking a classified in the local rag.