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Creative is a highlight of life at design agencies, but it isn’t a strategic cure-all for brands

An appreciation for the innovative delivery of a message is a fundamental aspect of past, present and future for advertising and creative agencies alike. It will never matter which channels we are dealing with, formats, audiences or how many variations of reality we have to account for, augmented, virtual or otherwise. We are and always…

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The benefit of interior graphics beyond the aesthetic value

Most office working spaces are square and sectioned by panels… and boring. Even those with the open-plan layout can be bland, lack-lustre environments to work in. For any organisation that wants to retain motivated and happy employees there should be encouragement to create areas of inspiration, calm and creative thinking. The easiest way to do…

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Configuring and hosting websites for lightning-fast delivery

With countless experts, and even Google themselves, singing about how important speed is for search ranking and converting visitors, it’s well worth investing a little time on improving your load times. Website performance is a daunting subject. With so many tricks and tips around for the cornucopia of different website and hosting setups it’s hard to find…

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What will the future hold for print advertising?

Despite all of the research and debate over the subject of media, it seems to be unclear as to what fate has in store for the newspaper, the trade journal and the magazine. At the epicentre of this uncertainty is a prolific shift in media spending patterns, fuelled by change in consumer behaviour. This is…

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Welcome Glenn

We’re extremely pleased to announce the addition of another face to the People page. Glenn Barry joins the WSA crew as Digital Account Manager and is already getting stuck in with web, social media and SEO projects. We are delighted to add his extensive agency and in-house marketing experience, with a particular emphasis on effective…

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Another new website launched (this time it’s ours)

Anyone who has ever undertaken an internal branding project at an agency will know that it’s never easy to make swift progress but we’re pleased to say that a few months after our exciting acquisition news we have completed a full rebrand, combining the three constituent parts of WSA, WS Advertising, Digital and Textbook Creative….

An image from the article "WSA acquires Tregartha Dinnie Ltd.".

WSA acquires Tregartha Dinnie Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that WSA has recently acquired Tregartha Dinnie, the design, digital and communications agency. These two power houses of marketing and advertising will combine to offer clients even more services, providing a full start to end offering for all types of communication. Both agencies are based in Milton Keynes and collectively…

An image from the article "Web Design Trends Businesses Should Care About in 2017".

Web Design Trends Businesses Should Care About in 2017

At the beginning of each year, web design blogs and journals are packed full of ideas about which trends will become popular and most widely adopted within the web design profession. There are a lot this year which follow on from the emergence of design tools such as parallax scrolling, storytelling, animated backgrounds, cards/tiles, infinity…

An image from the article "Web Design Jargon Buster!".

Web Design Jargon Buster!

I went to look up ‘web service authentication tokens’ earlier, started reading and in several parts thought to myself “what the…?” Being one of the less binarily competent humans in the WSAD team, my limits are usually found at what something is, and what it does. The how and why, as with so many specialist…

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Choosing images for responsive websites

The subject of recent discussion within the WSA office, we decided some that a few simple guidelines for the whole internet couldn’t hurt. The thing about responsive web design is that never looks the same. It can’t be looked at in the same way as a poster for example, because a responsive website does not…