How to plan a successful advertising campaign

So you have made the good decision to advertise your vacancy/product/business and use agency expertise to help share it with the world, congratulations! Now the fun begins.

We pride ourselves at WSA on our ability to turn around work faster than the industry average. We fundamentally believe that good service constitutes both speed and efficiency whilst retaining high standards and quality. We are committed to this ethos and as such, feel it would be beneficial to share some tips and ideas on how you can get the most out of embarking on an advertising campaign.

How successful your campaign will be can often be traced back to when consulting with us for the first time. It is always helpful at this initial stage if we can narrow down an accurate impression of your overall objective. Letting us know you want to fill a vacancy in a particular industry is good. Letting us know you want to fill a vacancy in a particular industry at a set salary amount, in a definite location, within a predetermined budget, against an established timescale, is better.

A great reference point when setting up any advertising campaign is to refer to the SOSTAC planning model. This outlines a step by step process and some food for thought that could help you get the best out of your next campaign:

Situation: what resources do we have and what is our position in the market?

Objectives: What do we need to achieve and by when?

Strategy: What is the plan that will lead us to achieve our objectives?

Tactics: What needs to take place in order for the strategy to become real?

Action: Who will action the tactics, where, for how long etc.

Control (measurement): How will the entire process be tracked to ensure that everything is working to schedule and to plan?

We understand meticulous planning like this isn’t always possible, but the more we can establish early on the better we can utilise your budget and improve the quality of your targeting.  We will never tell you to advertise anywhere for the sake of it, every suggestion we make will have research and analysis to justify it.

We understand your campaign is unique to anyone else’s, so we will do our utmost to construct a tailored approach that suits your needs.  Sometimes a unique proposition needs a unique resolution to reach maximum potential, so it could be worth thinking about exploring alternative options beyond the press. For example, could your campaign benefit from niche mediums such as radio adverts or sampling new media advertising like Google pay-per-click campaigns?

There is nothing wrong with coming to us with a strong idea of what you want and how you want it, and our aim will be to satisfy these requirements first and foremost. But we will also try to make suggestions for improvement if we see potential avenues not being explored, because we want you to achieve the best results possible; it is in the interest of any good agency to earn your repeat business by helping you get the outcome you desire.

We will do our utmost to make your advertising campaign a success whether you have time to implement these concepts or not because we enjoy having our knowledge and expertise tested to its capacity. Hopefully we can put some of the above theory into practice for your next campaign.