Portrait phone of Vicki Chastney in black & white.


Vicki Chastney
Projects Director
Events, project management, catalogue production
B2B, Retail, Public Sector, Credit Management and Debt Recovery, Consumer and Industrial Adhesives, Food Service.
My love of organisation and having everything in its place means my role as Projects Director is well suited. Responsible for driving complex programmes and schedules to a detailed timeframe and a fixed budget I’ve worked with the likes of Toys ‘R’ Us, Tesco, tesa, Financial Times, Huntsman Advanced Materials, IRRV, Hasbro, Araldite, DENTSPLY to name a few!I’ve organised major conferences, exhibitions and awards ceremonies at national venues such as Harrogate International Centre, Gmex Manchester, Telford International Centre, Bournemouth International Centre and Birmingham ICC. Outside work I enjoy Scuba Diving and rearranging my cupboards into colour coded sections… yes really! Check out the rest of the team.