Dana-nana-nana-nana, Adman!

With our sponsorship of the upcoming Housing Heroes awards, we felt it was only right to create our next advertisement on the continued theme of heroes.

Despite a few internal battles over how far to go with the copywriting and the tough task of picking a final concept from some great ideas, we’re delighted with the finished advertisement design.

There was no shortage of suggestions after it was revealed that the theme would be superheroes. Bat signals, Superman logos and spider webs were scrawled all over the creative whiteboard faster than a speeding bullet…

After the copy writing issue of course came the copyright issue. A decision had to be made about whether to make Burt Ward the star of the advert, but in the end, we decided to make our own home branded hero and picked our goggle-wearing, spandex-sporting superman to be the face of the advert.

Who knows, if Adman is a success there could be a comic book deal in the pipeline for him…