Lowestoft College

Case Study: Lowestoft College
Work: Branding, Corporate Identity, Prospectus, Outdoor Advertising, Printing, Print Advertising, Web Design
Timescales: Ongoing


Lowestoft College has some amazing facilities, specialist courses and a great learning culture. Looking to position themselves as a leading FE and HE centre for the east region, WSA were engaged and after a successful pitch set about delivering a comprehensive branding and awareness campaign. Delivering advertising schedules, creative, outdoor media, course material, promotional material, prospectuses, stationery and branding of the college eLearning system, within a few months a revitalised creative inventory was not only created, but in public circulation.


Outcomes & Feedback:

“…your creative showed real skill…”
“…a solid presentation and I’m pleased to be working with you…”

Lowestofts' Moodle theme being viewed on a smartphone. Designed and produced by WSA.
The cover and first pages of Lowestofts' 2016-2017 course guide, produced by WSA.
Interior pages from Lowestofts' 2016-2017 course guide, produced by WSA.