Caterham High School

Case Study: Caterham High School

Work: Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Online Advertising, Exhibition Displays, Print, Corporate Identity, Recruitment Advertising, Social Media Advertising

Timescales: Ongoing


For several years, WSA have worked on behalf of Caterham High School, planning media schedules and delivering artwork for a variety of advertising channels, including buses, bus stops, train stations, lamp posts, shopping centres, press and magazines. Promoting events for the school as well as handling staff advertising and printing marketing materials including banners, Foamex boards, leaflets and posters, a vibrant and consistent brand identity has been applied throughout for impact and consistent recognition.


Outcomes & Feedback:

“…always found them to be efficient and helpful…”

“…professional at all times and their work is to a very high standard. They have got to know our requirements exceptionally well.”

“…having one point of contact makes it much easier and the schedule of advertising which they put together saves us a huge amount of time and money. Response times are excellent.”


Magazine advertisement promoting Caterham High School's sixth form.

Stack of flyers promoting Caterham High School
Poster celebrating Caterham High School's 60th anniversary

Flyer promoting Caterham High School's open days.Set of roller banners promoting Sixth Form places at Caterham High School.

Advertisement on a bus stop promoting Sixth Form places at Caterham High School
Bus rear displaying upcoming Sixth Form open days at Caterham High School.