Barchester Healthcare

Case Study: Barchester Jobs
Work: Corporate Identity, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Copywriting, Printing, Print Advertising, Radio, Recruitment Advertising
Timescales: Ongoing


In a highly competitive market a well-defined and constant presence is a valuable asset. With Barchester identifying the need to consolidate brand assets WSA were tasked with creating concepts for an employer identity, managing a schedule of multi-platform advertising and establishing a strong organically drive social media presence.With the employer identity approved, the next stage was to manage a busy advertising schedule and develop a social media schedule that would produce results. Managing three channels with a daily content schedule, audience profiles and measurement, with regular publishing activity, monitoring and adjustments, Barchester have seen substantial growth and engagement as a result.


Outcomes & Feedback:

1.1 million+ social impressions
15.6% social follower increase
9,792 social engagements


Barchester Healthcare's LinkedIn page on a laptop.

Two of Barchester Healthcare's recent recruitment posters.Recruitment leaflets for Barchester Healthcare.
Barchester Healthcare's brand guidelines, provided by WSA.