All Saints Academy

Case Study: All Saints Academy
Work: Branding, Web Design, Web Development, CMS, Web Analytics, Prospectus, Printing, Print
Advertising, Corporate Identity
Timescales: 3 weeks


Tight timescales, multiple channels and a brand identity requiring definition made the recent All Saints
Academy project a test of our creative and project management abilities.Integral to the success of the project
was the application of the identity across different channels, during development. The website and prospectus
were required by a fixed deadline and work began immediately. Migrating and screening content the site was moved
to a new WordPress install, with elements removed that were until then preventing Google from indexing the site.
Alongside the design of a 12 page prospectus and printing with Spot UV finish, the studio also created new
advertising templates and a large format outdoor banner.


Outcomes & Feedback

“…I am absolutely delighted with the design and production quality…”

“…you met the challenge head on and in addition to these jobs, which were huge in their own right, you also managed to design our advert for the local press and a banner for our main gate.”

Front cover of All Saints Academy Dunstable's 2017 prospectus.
A page inside All Saints Academy Dunstable's prospectus.

A full page spread inside All Saints Academy Dunstable's prospectus.Another full page spread inside All Saints Academy Dunstable's prospectus.

An indoor billboard promoting the school.
A recent news article covering the school in the Bedford Today, viewed on a smartphone.

All Saints Academy Dunstable's new website viewed on a tablet in landscape.