The benefit of interior graphics beyond the aesthetic value

Most office working spaces are square and sectioned by panels… and boring. Even those with the open-plan layout can be bland, lack-lustre environments to work in. For any organisation that wants to retain motivated and happy employees there should be encouragement to create areas of inspiration, calm and creative thinking. The easiest way to do this is by using interior graphics that fill large spaces with colour, invention and sometimes motivational script.

Modernise and inspire

Back in the day, you could find photographic posters stuck up in reception areas that had deep and meaningful messages that left you wondering if you were missing something. Today, creative design can be far subtler and yet powerful enough to influence and inspire those working in close proximity. Reflecting light off a canvass or the brightness of a brilliant photograph enlarged to fill a big space is amazingly powerful and will create an uplifting environment that develops the ‘feel good’ factor that good employers want to offer their employees.

WSA Reception Art by Jo Gordon

Artwork simply makes us feel good

As well as the visual stimulation of great interior graphics, the calmness and inspiration that these can provoke are beneficial to our general good health and wellbeing. With stress and mental health issues more common in the workplace than ever before, it is important to provide work areas that reduce stress and promote happiness and calm.

Artwork by Jeremy Hancox, 'Where ideas come alive'.

Brand development, friendly competition and creative fun

If you are fortunate enough to have creative designers within your organisation then you can commission your own bespoke artwork that reflect your company’s vision, values and brand. Alternatively, you can engage with groups of people who can deliver some fresh ideas and leverage some great PR at the same time. School children will deliver up a bright and refreshing take on a brief and of course, the social benefits of working with a group of school children are numerous. Graphic design students, art and photography groups would be happy to take part in a competition and offer a great PR opportunity for your company. The other huge benefit to all of this is that it is changeable. You can swap pieces around, cover up badly decorated areas, inject life and light into darker areas and create a theme that represents your business. Why not hold your own internal competition to design a theme for interior graphics? Nothing creates a buzz like a bottle of bubbly as a prize!

WSA Boardroom Artwork by Kathryn Myers.

Outsider input

For a professional approach, you could brief a creative design agency. They should be experts at assessing what can be achieved and will develop a theme that sits alongside your brand. Then sit back and them create quality visual concepts that have the ‘wow’ factor and give you a working environment to be proud of.