At full strength.

It might be the middle of June but that means the end of another year has passed for WSA.

As always we want to thank all of our clients for their business throughout the last year and for the chance to work on some truly enjoyable advertising campaigns and marketing projects.

We’re also delighted to give a warm welcome back this month to both proud mums Katie and Kathryn!

Katie rejoins the team to the benefit of Textbook Creative (the education division of WSA), where she will work on all things marketing for schools and colleges up and down the country. Kathryn meanwhile, continues to dazzle in the studio with her creative talents.

With the office now at full capacity and May ending as a record month of trading it was a great finish to the end of our 7th successive and most successful year of trading. We’ve had new staff join us, new equipment, new technologies, new ideas to share with clients and new business brought on board.

All in all everyone’s worked hard to make it a fantastic year. We’re excited about 2012/2013 and hoping for much more of the same.