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View Profile A portrait photo of Jane Hayward, our Managing Director.

Jane Hayward

Managing Director

Running the agency is a full time job but one that I enjoy and would never want to move away from. I have a passion for what we do and how we deliver our projects so am constantly considering the new channels and platforms that the industry offers in order to give our clients the best possible service. I am incredibly proud of the team that work with me and the quality of the work we produce. Outside of work, my best moments are in the yoga studio or in the garden simply enjoying the peace and quiet of country life.

View Profile A portrait photo of Austin Walters, our Operations Director.

Austin Walters

Operations Director

I have spent enough time around talented creative people to pick up a few tricks of the design trade and I love being part of the industry. I would probably only ever leave to embark on a world tour playing heavy metal. When not admiring the works of my artistically gifted colleagues, I mainly work with words, systems and data to build integrated digital campaigns designed around business goals. I’m a big believer that marketing is most effective as an all-encompassing philosophy for business and needs to go beyond marketing departments and brand guidelines to be at its very best. That aside, I am also responsible for our own internal systems.

View Profile A portrait photo of Sue Harding, our Customer Services Director.

Sue Harding

Customer Services Director

An old fashioned girl, I like to spend time visiting and talking to clients - yes, that old thing, communication. Fundamentally, communication is the key to the success of any individual, team or business relationship. Our industry is a blessing for someone like me who gets to talk all day to media, clients and colleagues. The very diverse media landscape available to us now means I can assist clients deliver messages and communicate with their target audience in a whole variety of ways.

View Profile A portrait photo of Jo Gordon, our Studio Manager.

Jo Gordon

Studio Manager

My love of all things creative led me from my home town of Middlesbrough to study Graphic Design in Northampton where I gained a degree in Graphic Communication. This eventually brought me to my position at WSA where my mission is to create beautiful adverts with functional design. When I’m not suffering with an attack of typographic OCD I can either be found pounding the streets training for my next half marathon, attempting to get to my half century of Bon Jovi gigs (I'm more than half way there!!), avidly watching F1 or dreaming that Middlesbrough FC will one day 'Do a Leicester'.

View Profile A portrait photo of Elaine Carter, our Finance Manager.

Elaine Carter

Finance Manager

I love numbers! I am the finance department, I am responsible for the daily running of the accounts and although I work alone in this excellently run department, I am fortunate to have great work colleagues and to be a member of such an awesome team here at WSA. I love my job and have been here for 10 years! I have seen WSA grow from strength to strength and will definitely look forward to the next 10 years!

View Profile A portrait photo of Mara Carmichael, our Account Manager.

Mara Carmichael

Account Manager

I'm a bright, confident, talented and creative Account Manager who works across a small client base making a big difference to their campaign costs and results. From a small engineering firm who requires a handful of marketing leaflets a year, to a major healthcare client recruiting 200+ staff per month and utilising printed, broadcast, outdoor and digital media - I manage it all with equal measure and ability. I make it my business to understand the organisations I work with and have a huge passion for delivering solutions that are effective and deliver a good ROI.

View Profile A portrait photo of Kyle Jenner, our Creative Designer.

Kyle Jenner

Creative Designer

I have an in-depth knowledge of both print and digital design with an appreciation of brand implementation across print and digital mediums in accordance with client objectives and brand guidelines. When I’m not working I find myself doodling, reading blogs and getting out into the great outdoors.

View Profile A portrait photo of Sasha Cherry, our Advertising Executive.

Sasha Cherry

Advertising Executive

Polite, bubbly and always happy to help is how others would describe me. They would probably not say I sing like Beyoncé, but when I'm not in the office that's what I'm most likely to be doing. I have been working with the WSA team since 2015 and I can honestly say I love coming into work every day! I predominately provide administrative support to clients, ensuring that they receive the highest level of service, with a professional and efficient approach. No two days are the same, projects I work on span national recruitment campaigns, planning media schedules, booking media space in print, online, outdoor or radio as well as researching new marketing avenues to deliver the best service we possibly can.

View Profile A portrait photo of Katie Warnes, our Advertising Executive.

Katie Warnes

Advertising Executive

After gaining a BSc (hons) and MSc in Psychology I started my career in Advertising and have worked in the industry ever since. I am passionate about customer service and building strong working relationships with my clients. I predominantly work within our Education sector, which is fast paced and varied. When I am not at WSA I can be found having quality time with my family and friends or running the streets of Northampton.

View Profile A portrait photo of Kathryn Myers, our Creative Designer.

Kathryn Myers

Creative Designer

I work in the Studio, splitting my time between being a designer and a Mum to two young children. I've been part of the WSA family for quite a while now but I'm still learning new things every day, continuing to develop my design skills and creative capabilities. I enjoy working as part of the studio team and the opportunity it gives me to be creative and generate ideas.

View Profile A portrait photo of Joe Cuffaro, our Account Manager.

Joe Cuffaro

Account Manager

I believe in a no stone unturned approach and actively promote unique and varied campaigns. The media is an ever evolving spectrum of creativity and potential that can be as expansive or limited as you want it to be. I champion the new digital age and contemporary platforms and techniques, but also encourage consideration of traditional and proven commodities. I am a keen writer and enjoy the variety of creative content focused towards different industries and sectors. I relish providing ideas and resources that improve ongoing performance and suit any budget. The best part of my job is the gratitude displayed when surpassing a client's expectations and saving them money in the process!

View Profile A portrait photo of Nikki Brightman, our Account Manager.

Nikki Brightman

Account Manager

I am very much an optimist, the glass is always half full in my eyes. I believe you should think positive, be positive and treat others how you wish to be treated. Advertising and music have always been passions of mine. In the office I am predominantly focused on the education sector and have a high level of knowledge and experience within print, online, recruitment advertising as well as marketing, planning media schedules, radio, outdoor media and branding. In my spare time I currently sing in an 8 piece party soul n motown band and in the past have played bass guitar and sung with rock bands – originals and covers. Music speaks volumes, advertising leads you to it.

View Profile A portrait photo of Marc Bransgrove, our Account Manager.

Marc Bransgrove

Account Manager

I have worked in advertising and marketing in one form or another since finishing A Levels, starting out at the local newspaper. After a decade of press and various advertising departments, I moved to the promotional industry; 2 years later I have brought this experience together under one roof to offer to the clients. When I am not busy putting my mind to the creative tasks of improving brand recognition both as a business and as an employer, I like nothing more than to channel the remaining creativity into an audible format – namely in the form of bass guitar.

View Profile A portrait photo of Joanna Balshaw, our Account Manager.

Joanna Balshaw

Account Manager

I love working with schools and colleges to help them get the very best from their advertising and marketing. With the help of our very talented designers, I am able to advise my clients on their recruitment advertising and often save them space on their print advertising and in turn money – which always makes them very happy! I am also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help my clients with their general marketing which gets me involved with everything from their prospectus to getting them heard on the radio or seen on the back of a bus. I work with schools and media up and down the country, helping clients bring some fantastic ideas to life. If I’m not in the office, it’s usually because I’m in the car park, attempting to park my car!

View Profile A portrait photo of Louise McConnachie, our Account Manager.

Louise McConnachie

Account Manager

I have been part of the WSA family since 2011, working to build and organically grow a large client base. My campaigns spread across a variety of media platforms and come in all shapes and sizes from local recruitment advertising to nationwide schedules consisting of anything from press to bus and radio advertising. The vast majority of my clients are within the Healthcare sector and all face the same recruitment struggles, I aim to be the Account Manager who will go that extra mile and find solutions to deliver the results they need whilst providing an outstanding service.

View Profile A portrait photo of Jeremy Hancox, our Senior Creative Designer.

Jeremy Hancox

Senior Creative Designer

I've been with the company for quite a few years now and I'm well and truly part of the design studio furniture. I'm usually called upon for my experience, but mostly for my Photoshopping skills when the time arises. When I'm not on my quest for negative space, I mainly follow my huge passion for Formula 1 and all things car-y. It's safe to say if I wasn't creating designs with my talented designer colleagues, I'd be driving a racing car. If in desperate need of me in your life, you'll mostly find me down the local, enjoying a pint with friends and family and trying to think up the next design to take over the world.

View Profile A portrait photo of Adrian Hedges, our Creative Designer.

Adrian Hedges

Creative Designer

Since a very young age, I have always found myself naturally immersed in creative work. I enjoy exploring different forms of expression and am looking forward to gaining more skills in animation and digital based design over the next couple of years. I particularly love brand identity and believe a strong set of visual guidelines and sense of consistency can make a huge impact on how a people feel about a business. Another of my passions is music; I’m always on the lookout for the next band with a unique sound! I’ve been a keen guitarist since a teenager and have performed in several bands over the years.

View Profile A portrait photo of Martin Hooper, our Digital Manager.

Martin Hooper

Digital Manager

A designer with experience in digital and print, brand creation and a keen interest in user centred thinking that applies gamification to user experience design. Personable and articulate with strong communication skills. Has a great creative flair, technical ability and is able to understand, realise and deliver a client's vision.

View Profile A portrait photo of Glenn Barry, our Digital Account Manager.

Glenn Barry

Digital Account Manager

I am an experienced Account Manager with excellent client handling, analytical and project management skills.I deliver digital projects and campaigns ranging from website builds to social media campaigns. I also get great satisfaction helping businesses rank well on search engines, increase their traffic and, ultimately their profit. My core responsibility is to ensure the client’s needs and goals are fully met through the delivery of these digital projects.

View Profile A portrait photo of Eamonn Hayden, our Developer.

Eamonn Hayden


I spend my days building up and maintaining our portfolio of websites, assembling them from scratch for ultimate performance, and then making sure they stay at their peak. On occasion I also get to create new products for ourselves, such as the SEO testing service on this very website. While not gifted with the same artistic ability as our designers, I do enjoy adding that extra level of polish and flair to our projects, such as a smooth animation to draw attention to an important element, or an interactive map complete with useful overlays. When not handcrafting websites and services, I can be found flying virtual spaceships or underneath my car tools in hand.