A fantastic end to 2010-2011

We’re delighted to announce that the month of March 2011 was the busiest 31 days in the 6 year history of WSA, with a record number of adverts being placed and new clients joining us. In a slightly shaky marketplace in which bleak news seems overwhelmingly popular, it’s been great to see how positive clients are, advertising confidently and also looking into several interesting emerging technologies and recruitment methods.

Of course one month’s result is not an accurate reflection on the wider market, or even our industry specifically. But we do believe it shows that businesses are still growing, recruiting and advertising which of course makes us extremely happy and is exactly what we hope to see more of. The last few years have proved a real challenge for a lot of organisations so we’re hopeful that other enterprises out there are also beginning to see positive signs as well.

Alongside giving us all an excuse to celebrate, we felt that this news was a good enough reason for us to give another big thanks to our clients and media partners for their support so far. Here’s to another year!